About João Carvalho

With a Degree in Archeology by the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra, he is currently enrolled in final year of the  EUROMACHS Master, developing a thesis on the monetization of genealogical information by means of social web networks.

As part of his academic activity, in the EUROMACHS Master, he actively participated in multimedia content production projects. He possesses advanced experience in information technologies such as, databases, web contents and programming.

He has been responsible for the technological evolution of the TimeLink software, a database specialized in the reconstitution of biographies, genealogy and relationship networks based upon documents of the previous century.  He developed it's actual web interface, using HTML, CSS, XML and Java technologies.

He carried out functions as Press Analyst in the media clipping and analysis company Cision SA. At the present he participates in a European Science Foundation's project on cooperation networks with the aim of providing solutions for the representation of historical data in historical-geographical databases (this project).